Cannabis SEO Services

Problems Our Cannabis SEO Services Solve

“I want to grow my e-commerce revenue, but paid ads aren’t an option”

Many cannabis companies come to us because they’re having trouble increasing their online sales, but can’t use paid ads due to restrictions that Meta and Google impose on businesses in this industry. Increasing revenue for e-commerce cannabis businesses requires an SEO strategy that focuses on ranking for lucrative search terms with transactional pages, rather than capturing any traffic you can get and hoping some of it will convert.

“I want to drive consistent foot traffic to my dispensary”

Dispensary owners come to us struggling to find a way to get people into their brick-and-mortar location. They’ve tried social media, local events, and local media placements, but have had very little success breaking through the noise and making people aware that their store exists.

“I don’t have time to do SEO or fix the content on my site”

Many of our clients understand the value of SEO for their business and know the basics (or are willing to learn), but are too busy running a store, managing a team, and working on other marketing initiatives to give SEO the attention is needs to become a revenue-driving channel.

“I’m being outranked on Google by brands selling questionable products”

New clients have complained that they’re losing sales to companies selling bottom-shelf flower because they’re being outranked on key search terms. They’re providing superior cannabis products, but they’re getting beaten because they haven’t invested in optimizing their site for search.

“I hired an agency, but they didn’t do anything”

Clients come to us after hiring agencies or freelancers in the past, but having to discontinue their engagements after seeing no business results from the SEO work. They need an agency partner that drives revenue, reports on their results, is transparent about what they’re doing, and understands the cannabis industry.

Types of Cannabis Businesses We Help

We help several types of cannabis businesses grow with our revenue-driven SEO services:

E-commerce stores

We work with e-commerce cannabis brands who sell flower, accessories, and other products that want to increase their online sales. Our principal focus for businesses like these is ranking their transactional pages – i.e. the pages housing their product categories and individual products – for their corresponding keywords. 

Brick-and-mortar dispensaries & retail stores

We provide dispensary SEO services for brick-and-mortar cannabis companies that want to drive more foot traffic to their store (or expand their online business, in which case the strategy we use is more aligned to what we do for e-commerce brands). 

Our principal focus for local businesses is increasing their rank in the Google Maps pack for the set of keywords indicating that someone wants to visit a business like theirs. We also use landing pages to target additional keywords that show “visiting intent.”

Wholesalers & ancillary businesses

We work with B2B cannabis wholesalers that sell cannabis and the products used to grow, manufacture, and sell it. For B2B cannabis companies, we focus on developing landing pages and blog posts to rank for keywords that indicate potential clients are looking to do business with someone like our client.

Our Cannabis National SEO Process

While every business is different, the fundamentals of our process and strategy remain the same for brands looking to sell their products online, such as cannabis farms and retailers. 

Conversion-focused SEO audit & strategy

We start every project with an SEO audit to examine your current opportunities, then do keyword research, customer research, and map out a thorough strategy that specifies which pages should be built and when. 

Our strategies include which transactional keywords we’ll prioritize, as well as what supporting keywords we should target for your brand.

We build strategies by the quarter to allow a balance of long-term planning and short-term adaptability.

Quick wins

Before we dive into developing the pages specified in our main strategy, we identify and execute small changes that can lead to significant results. 

Generally, this entails testing different titles on pages that are already ranking in the top 10 and improving internal linking between existing pages.

Transactional page optimization & development

With strategy built and quick wins taken full advantage of, we move to optimizing and/or developing your business’ transactional pages – those on which sales happen – such that they rank for keywords that indicate someone is looking for your products and/or services (e.g. we want to rank the page with all your THC gummies for keywords like “THC gummies” or “THC edibles”).

Blog content development

For e-commerce businesses, the main purpose of blog content is to build topical authority, such that it’s easy to rank for high-value transactional keywords. 

With all of your transactional pages built and optimized, we get to work creating high-quality blog content that will:

  • Build topical authority 
  • Drive additional revenue and email signups
  • Build trust with your customers.

Each article contains insights from one of your team members so that it presents valuable, unique information to your readers.

We also offer standalone cannabis content writing services.

Our Cannabis Local SEO Process

When working with dispensaries and other businesses looking to increase foot traffic, we employ a simple, yet effective cannabis local SEO process to dominate the local search results:

Conversion-focused SEO strategy & NAP audit

We audit your site, then build a comprehensive SEO strategy for the first three months (and then after that, each quarter) that focuses on the set of local keywords most important for your business, as well as other search terms your site needs to rank for with content in order to build authority. For a dispensary in St. Louis, this might include keywords like “dispensary st louis” and “dispensary rock hill.”

We also conduct an audit to discover the websites on which your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are listed to ensure this information is up-to-date. NAP info on 3rd-party sites that matches the info on your Google Business Profile (GBP) signals to Google that your GBP is well-maintained, which can improve your rankings.

Quick wins

As with every client, we start with quick wins before getting into the main strategy. Quick wins include things like fixing incorrect information on your Google Business Profile and ensuring the NAP on your website matches what’s on your GBP.

Google Business Profile optimization

Your brand’s Google Business Profile is your most important SEO asset, because on many local keywords (e.g. “st louis dispensary”), Google’s native Map Pack feature appears at the top of the page and contains 3-5 suggestions for local businesses. 

Claiming and optimizing your Google Business Profile, then, is how you claim real estate at the very top of the search engine result page (SERP). 

Because of this every strategy we build for local businesses focuses initially on completing and optimizing the GBP.

Landing page development

With your GBP optimized, we develop landing pages for every local keyword that makes sense for your business. The more brick-and-mortar locations you have, the more of these keywords there will be. 

The goal of ranking for these keywords with landing pages – in addition to showing up for them in the Google Map Pack feature – is that your brand will show up in more than one place on the same SERP.

In some cases, the Google Map Pack won’t show, so creating and ranking landing pages will ensure that your brand is still visible on these terms.

Blog content development

Once we’re appropriately targeting all of the local keywords that, if ranked for, can drive foot traffic, we develop blog content that ranks for informational terms to build authority for your website and capture additional traffic. 

Our B2B Cannabis SEO Process

There are fewer keywords and less search volume in B2B, but that doesn’t mean SEO doesn’t make sense. Our services for B2B cannabis businesses focus on ranking for keywords that give very little traffic, but high conversion rates.

Conversion-focused SEO audit & strategy

We conduct an audit of your site, then build an SEO strategy that focuses on the keywords that indicate someone is looking for services or products for their business like the ones you provide. 

Often, these keywords will get just 10-20 searches per month; our focus isn’t the amount of traffic ranking for these keywords can bring your site, but rather the level of intent behind this traffic. If it means you close a high-value deal, who cares if it’s just 10 sessions?

Quick wins

We begin our strategy by testing titles of already-ranking pages and improving the internal links between your existing pages. 

Transactional page optimization & development

The focus of our SEO strategy is ranking for keywords that indicate someone wants to engage your business. 

If you’re a cannabis flower wholesaler, we might focus on ranking for terms like “gelato flower wholesale” and “blue dream flower wholesale.” We might build product pages or landing pages for these terms.

If you’re a retail consulting business for the cannabis industry, we’d focus on keywords like “cannabis retail consultant,” which we’d likely target using a landing page or blog post. 

Everything we do in this stage is determined by where the buying intent is and what we need to do to rank for it.

Blog content development

Once all of your transactional keywords are being targeted by corresponding transactional pages, we move up the funnel and focus on developing blog content that will drive additional conversions and build authority for your website.

FAQs About Our Cannabis SEO Services

Here’s what you need to know about working with us. 

What metrics do you report on?

We report on – and hold ourselves accountable to generating – revenue (or a proxy, like leads or calls) and organic traffic. Depending on your business, we may also report on email signups and additional metrics that we mutually agree are valuable indicators of growth. 

How long does it take to see an ROI?

Our clients typically see payback in 3-4 months (i.e. we’re making as much for your business as you’re paying us) and a 4-5x ROI in 6-8 months. 

If your brand has significant amounts of existing SEO traction or organic traffic, your payback period may happen in just 2-3 months. Likewise, new brands with very little SEO traction may need to wait longer to see an ROI. 

Do you require a long-term contract?

No. We work on retainer with a monthly rolling contract. However, we recommend you work with us for at least 6 months in order to begin seeing significant business impact from our efforts.

How soon do you get to work?

We send onboarding materials over to you as soon as you sign our contract and pay our first invoice.

We aim to begin shipping high-impact work for your business no later than the second week after you sign our contract and pay our first invoice. 

Do you understand industry compliance?

Yes. We’re an agency built specifically for the cannabis and CBD space, and we understand the FDA restrictions that apply to advertising these types of products. We use checklists and a thorough editing process to ensure that every page we put on your site complies with these rules.

How can I be sure that the content you write for my site is high-quality?

In addition to the obvious (editing), we use three tactics to ensure our output is high-quality. 

First, during onboarding, you’ll fill out a content style guide so we have an in-depth understanding of your brand voice, tone, values, and more. This style guide will be continuously updated based on your feedback. 

Second, we interview you or one of your employees for every blog post we write so that we’re able to include accurate, interesting, and on-brand insights, rather than copying the articles that are already ranking.

Third, each piece of content is written by someone with existing CBD, cannabis, or natural wellness expertise. 

Fourth, we offer you the amount of latitude you wish in terms of content reviewing. Most of our clients don’t feel the need to review each piece of content we review, but you may review and provide feedback on each article before it goes live – if you want. We use your feedback to update our style guides and inform the way we conduct our interviews to ensure continuous improvement.

Do you use AI to write content?

No. We use AI (ChatGPT-4) for data analysis, brainstorming, and other similar tasks, but we do not use AI to write copy or content for your brand.

What do I have to do?

We ask for two things from our clients on an ongoing basis: attendance at a monthly reporting and strategy meeting (~30 minutes) and the provision of a subject-matter-expert (you or an employee) on a monthly basis that we can interview to develop content for your site. 

What level of customer support do you offer to me and my business?

You will have access to our team five days a week by email and by a personal Slack channel that we will set up for you. 

We respond to all communication in one business day at a maximum, barring team members being out of town and away from their devices (which you will be notified in advance of).

Our founder, Wells, is also typically reachable seven days a week. However, he can only guarantee a response Monday through Friday.

Ready to grow your cannabis brand with SEO?