Hi, my name is Wells Westmoreland, and I’m the founder here at Aperture. I’ve worked in digital marketing for three and a half years, and I founded this company five months ago (early 2024 as of right now).

A lot of digital marketing agencies are “for everyone.” They offer a lot of different services and serve many different kinds of clients. 

So why does Aperture only do SEO, and only for natural wellness brands?

There are a few reasons why we do what we do. Some marketing-related, some people-related.

Why we’re focused on natural wellness brands

I took a light interest in natural wellness – the hemp plant, specifically – after hearing about how THC helped a family member dying of cancer live his last days relatively pain-free. 

My interest strengthened after I got my first digital marketing client, which happened to be a brick-and-mortar CBD business with an online store.

I saw how their products were helping people achieve a better quality of life. CBD and THC were saving people where the pharmaceutical drugs they were prescribed were failing them. 

My interest strengthened yet again when I witnessed how CBD helped the dogs my family fostered that were dealing with medical conditions and physical pain as a result of past neglect and abuse. 

And it strengthened for a third time when I began learning about how pharmaceutical companies manipulate doctors, harm patients, and put profit over people.

Needless to say, I have a firm belief that natural products have a place in people’s lives. That the hemp plant is good for more than just recreational use. That “mushrooms” doesn’t need to be a dirty word.

Aperture is the culmination of my belief in natural wellness and my greatest passion in life: building businesses. SEO just so happens to be the way I build natural wellness businesses, because it’s one of the most effective options. 

Why we do SEO

There are dozens of reasons your business should do SEO. That’s objective, not subjective. 

But there are three specific reasons – those closest to my heart – why we chose to focus on SEO for our clients:

Reason 1: Paid advertising is off limits for many natural wellness brands

Meta (Facebook & Instagram) and many other platforms have strict advertising policies that cannabis and mushroom brands have to follow to get ads live. Often, even if the policies are followed, ads still get rejected and have to be appealed.

And that’s if advertising would even be profitable for your brand — it’s usually recommended that you have some initial momentum as a brand, and have some traffic, before you start advertising. This allows you to retarget people who have visited your website, increasing the conversion rate on your ads and therefore the ROI on the money you spend.

You need to have traffic before you begin utilizing paid ads, and even if you do, ads are difficult to execute — SEO provides a channel that can get you this traffic, and do so without needing to jump through so many platform-specific hoops.

Reason 2: SEO is the best channel for building trust

Trust is scarce in many natural wellness verticals, and for good reason. The shady companies selling sh*tty CBD & THC products have muddied the water for the brands that manufacture and sell high-quality products capable of changing lives. As a result, reputable companies have to demonstrate immense amounts of expertise and social proof in order to acquire new customers.

And there’s no better acquisition channel than SEO when it comes to building trust. This is due to the nature of SEO;

  • People find you when they’re ready to learn more or buy a product. Not so with paid advertising, in which you’re injecting ads into people’s feeds and putting them on the defensive.
  • Long-form content is the best way to demonstrate expertise. And SEO is the best way to distribute long form content.

Reason 3: A lot of natural wellness brands are doing it wrong

In addition to SEO playing a unique role in natural wellness marketing, we also focus on it because a lot of brands do it wrong.

The two main mistakes we see in natural wellness SEO are:

  1. Creating bad content: SEO can take a few months to begin working, and many brands try to expedite the process by publishing large quantities of content. In isolation, this isn’t a problem. But it’s often done at the expense of quality. The upshot is that companies gain a lot of rankings and traction early on, but lose almost all of it over time, as Google updates happen and search engines generally deprioritize their content after observing how users interact with it. Ignoring quality when publishing content completely negates the compounding benefit of SEO.
  2. Ignoring content: Some brands do basic SEO, and they even optimize their transactional pages — but they stop there. They treat their blog as a dumping ground for announcements and short content written for sharing social media, instead of investing time and effort into consistently publishing high-quality, search-optimized content. As a result, they’re unable to build topical authority, continue scaling their traffic, and rank for every search term that would be valuable for their business. 
  3. Starting with keyword research, not customers: Many brands (or their agencies) base the keywords they target completely on what an SEO tool says about the search volume and levels of competition, rather than on what they know their customers are interested in. The result? They waste a lot of time and money ranking for keywords that produce mediocre revenue returns. Keyword research has its place, but we recommend starting with customers instead. Figure out what topics they’re interested in, then use keyword research tools to validate these topics. The result? Easier rankings and higher conversion rates.

Our Core Values

Give a sh*t.

About our clients, about the people they’re trying to serve, and about anyone who lands on a piece of content we write or a product page we design. Success is empty unless it involves helping people better themselves. We care about helping you win, and we’re here to help you help your customers.

Be honest & transparent.

You’ll know exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and why it is or isn’t working. Questions are encouraged. You have to face reality every day in your business; we’re here to face it head-on with you and help you succeed.

Make the internet better, not worse.

No low-quality content, no spam, and no hacks. Just high-quality content and user experiences that delight the people who interact with them. Because in the long run, if it’s bad, it won’t help your customers, so it won’t help your business, so it won’t help ours.

Let’s grow your natural wellness brand with SEO.